Terms & Conditions

Company Details

Company’s Legal Name:                      Fitness86 GmbH

Company’s Registered Address:      Bannholzstrasse 8
8608 Bubikon

Company’s Registration Number:  CHE-453.004.665

Contact Information:                            info@fitness86.ch


+41 79 844 30 28

1. Terms & Conditions

Scope of application
The terms and conditions of the contract are applicable to the use of the training facilities of Fitness86 GmbH in Bubikon. The client is obliged to respect the terms and conditions of the contract and to follow the instructions given by the Fitness86 coaches and staff.

Payment Conditions
Unless explicitly agreed upon differently with Fitness86 GmbH before the signing of the contract, the price for the contract has to be paid immediately upon the signing of the contract or its extension.
Instalment payments of twelve monthly instalments for the 12 Month subscriptions and six monthly instalments for the 6 Month subscriptions are possible. Each instalment must be paid immediately on the first business day of each instalment period.

2. Refund, Suspension & Class Cancellation Policy

Non-use of training facilities or classes does neither entitle to a reduction nor reimbursement of the subscription fee.
Suspension (TimeStop)
In case of a valid reason the duration of a 12 Month contract can be suspended for a minimum period of one month and maximum of three months (TimeStop). However, there is no strict entitlement of the client to this regard.
The request for a TimeStop must be submitted before the expected absence and together with the necessary confirmation/medical certificate. A retroactively valid TimeStop is only possible in cases of accidents/illness. In that case the request for a TimeStop must be submitted within the first month after the elimination of the certified reason of absence. Delayed requests cannot be taken into account. A TimeStop is granted due to situations like work-related periods abroad, holidays, illness, accidents, pregnancy and military and civilian service that are a minimum of one month duration.
Each contract is personal and cannot be transferred to another person or entity.
Class Cancellation

Clients are expected to apply or log out from classes as early as possible. Logging out from classes is possible until two hours before beginning of the class; if the client does however not participate in the class, the offer expires.

3. Privacy & Security Policy

Data Security
The information provided by the client will be saved digitally, kept confidential and will only be used for business purposes (such as for inclusion on our online training booking tool, internal email lists, Fitness86 promotional information etc).
Client Information
By signing the contract the client agrees that the provided information may be disclosed to third parties for marketing purposes.